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Peter Thiel Will Stay On Facebook Board Because Mark Zuckerberg Is The Honey Badger Of Tech

The Zucker Badger don't give a F...acebook.

Sure Peter Thiel invented revenge litigation finance for the express purpose of destroying a press outlet that he didn't like. And sure, Peter Thiel has been a public supporter of a presidential candidate who takes a dim view of a free press and immigrants.


But Peter Thiel is also a key figure over at Facebook, a concern that seeks to become a major force in the news business and whose CEO has been a vocal proponent of immigrants in America.

So, sure, it follows that Peter Thiel and Facebook would likely part ways in a quiet and well-orchestrated "distancing"...

Right, Forbes?

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel will remain on Facebook's board following a vote on Monday at the company’s annual shareholder meeting.


After weeks of scrutiny following the revelation that he had secretly been funding lawsuits against online news company Gawker Media, Thiel received backing from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has majority voting control at the social media company. 

So, basically, Mark Zuckerberg said Thiel is staying and Thiel is staying.

You can bang your head all you want but this makes total sense. Mark Zukerberg thought up a $320 billion idea in his dorm room, blustered through early amateur hour mistakes and an economic implosion to become the Millennial Steve Jobs and now spends a lot of his time on Oprah-like public self-improvement. He doesn't know of "failure" of "concern." You're surprised that he stuck with one of his earliest allies because it might "look bad?"

Well, think again because Mark Zuckerberg is Silicon Valley's Honey Badger, and Honey Badger don't give a f*ck.

But don't take our word for it.

How did Zuckerberg address the decision to stick by Thiel in the face of Facebook's mad grab at partnering with onlines news outlets that cover Donald Trump?

Zuckerberg did not address Thiel’s re-election on Monday after shareholders did not ask him about the Facebook board member or his battle with Gawker in a 30-minute question-and-answer session.

Mark Zuckerberg don't give a f*ck.

What are those outlets gonna do? Forgo Facebook's audience (ie: everyone on earth) as a protest against a board member? Well, don't be the first outlet to do that because Mark Honey Badgerberg will just smile and whisper "Bye, Felicia."

So you can all stand there with Denton and Jeff Bezos, looking shcked and appalled that Peter Thiel will remain on the board at Facebook, but all that proves is that you don't know the Honey Badger.

Mark Zuckerberg Decides To Keep Peter Thiel On Facebook's Board [Forbes]


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