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Ex-Goldman Employee Who Tried To Make A Name For Himself Via Confidential Fed Documents Must Stay 200 Ft Back From Industry

The SEC has banned Rohit Bansal from...everything.
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Shouldn't even be looking at this logo.

Shouldn't even be looking at this logo.

Remember Rohit Bansal? Former Goldman Sachs employee who got the "former" added to his title when the bank found out that he'd been trafficking in confidential information from his buddy Jason Gross at the New York Fed? Who was probably partially found out because he shared the 35 documents with higher-ups as some sort of misguided attempt to further his career, even though Gross told him to keep them on the down low? A few months back he was barred from the banking industry by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and now the Securities and Exchange Commission is taking its turn.

In a filing Thursday, the regulator said Rohit Bansal “is barred from association with any broker, dealer, investment adviser, municipal securities dealer, municipal advisor, transfer agent, or nationally recognized statistical rating organization.” The SEC also said that as part of the action, Mr. Bansal is barred from participating in any offerings of penny stocks, including acting as a promoter, consultant or agent. He can apply to re-enter the industry at a future date, but his return will be subject to meeting certain regulatory conditions, the filing stated.

SEC Sets Sanctions Against Ex-Goldman Employee Who Obtained Fed Secrets [WSJ]

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