Somebody Thinks There’s Still Something To Love About Those Plucky English

Kevin Brady is here to help.
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Kevin Brady has heard the U.K. may be looking for a friend. And as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, he’d like to extend a very self-interested hand to beaten-down Blighty, even if said beat-down was entirely self-inflicted.

"American companies, farmers, and workers depend on opening markets to our exports and investment," House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady said in a statement. "In this time of uncertainty, we should now begin to discuss a modern, new trade agreement with the U.K that not only continues but expands the level of trade between our two nations."

Key U.S. House Lawmaker Calls for Trade Pact With Post-EU Britain [NYT]


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Brexit Will Never End

The latest fantasy to be dashed is the one in which there’s actually a day on which the U.K. and EU’s divorce is finalized.