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East Hampton Restricts Steve Cohen's New House To 24,000 Square Feet

Stop boxing Steve Cohen in!
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Steve Cohen is a man used to having a great deal of space. He’s got more than 35,000 square feet to get lost in up in Greenwich. He’s desperately trying to get rid of 9,000 more atop the Bloomberg Tower while planning the largest single-family house in New York City downtown, one which will outstrip even Crown Lane in the size department. The man even owns a 12,644 square foot pied-a-terre in L.A., a city he never goes to since baseball wouldn’t sell him the Dodgers. So how can he be expected to relax out at his East Hampton beach house when it is basically the size of a Hell’s Kitchen efficiency? Even having an office around the corner (in a former Chinese restaurant) and another 9,000 feet down the road, his 10,000 feet on the beach still felt stifling. So stifling, in fact, that he never even moved in, instead choosing to go all David Tepper on 52 Further Lane. Unfortunately, it sounds like he may have to hold on to the other house and the place next door to Smokin’ Wolf BBQ, because the same nanny-state whiners who don’t like his taste in chain-link fencing are limiting him to just 24,000 feet and a pool house. Will the indignities never end?

He is still a financial powerhouse with a “family office” known as Point72 Asset Management — and apparently felt that the Hamptons manse wasn’t good enough for him, so he tore it down several weeks ago….

Cohen’s new home can’t be bigger than the old one, thanks to the East End’s new anti-megamansion rules. Even underground rooms can’t expand past the width of the ground-floor walls.

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