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Steve Cohen Takes Over 175,000 Square Foot Office Space To Compensate For 24,000 Square Foot Cell Out East

He wouldn't wish < 30,000 sq. feet on his worst enemy.
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By Godsfriendchuck (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Godsfriendchuck, via Wikimedia Commons

As some of you may recall, last month hedge fund manager Steve Cohen received some disturbing news from the town of East Hampton: that the manse he plans to build in the place of the manse he tore down cannot exceed 24,000 square feet. For a man who owns a 35,000 square foot pad in Greenwich and 49,000 square feet between midtown East and the West Village, this obviously would not do. Twenty-four thousand square feet is downright oppressive and claustrophobia-inducing. But rather than lash out, Cohen chose to breathe, count to three, and acquire a f*ck-ton of space elsewhere, with enough room that the walls don't feel like they're closing in on him.

Point72 Asset Management, the company charged with managing the hedge funder’s $11 billion fortune, signed a 175,000-square-foot lease at the Related Companies and Mitsui Fudosan America’s 55 Hudson Yards.

Steve Cohen’s personal fund leases 175K sf at 55 Hudson Yards [TheRealDeal]


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And yet no one will make him an offer, despite slashing $36 million off the original asking price. $36 million, people! Who does he have to screw around here to at least get a dialogue going?

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