Who Wants A Piece Of A Hedge Fund Being Investigated For Insider Trading?

Visium Asset Management is fielding offers!

Full disclosure: It’s also down 10.5% this year and facing massive redemption requests. So…. any takers? Actually, maybe!

Visium Asset Management LP has talked to potential buyers in recent weeks about a stake in the firm or a larger deal, these people said. The potential investors include New York-based asset manager AllianceBernstein LP, the people said.

Visium Considers Sale Amid Investigation Into Alleged Insider Trading [WSJ]
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Preet Bharara Ready To Prove Insider Trading Still Exists

You can't change the game on Preet, because Preet IS the game.

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Defunct Hedge Fund Ends Two-Year Negotiation With Feds, Allowed To Go Out Of Business

Visium Asset Management can cut its last check, one made out to “U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.”

This thing? Oh, pay no mind. By 東照大権現 (Own work) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Pro Tip: Keep The People Fraudulently Inflating Your Valuations Happy

Visium Asset Management learned this one the hard way.

(China’s) Carl Icahn Nailed For Insider Trading

Xu Xiang AKA "Big Xu" AKA the Carl Icahn of China knows what we're taking about.