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"A Spreadsheet That Did The Calculations" Secret To Hedge Fund Manager's Success

Take note, people.
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Arjun LP is an Atlanta-based hedge fund run by Joseph A. Meyer Jr. that has, according to Bloomberg, produced "annual returns of 13 percent, 24 percent, even 91 percent since 2013." With some of the biggest names in the industry experiencing the worst performance in their firms' histories, a lot of people would probably like to know how Meyer Jr. does it and luckily, he's obliged:

  • There are the spreadsheets and coders: "I’ve got a spreadsheet that did the calculations. And then I just got coders to code it, so that the computer’s coming up with it"
  • The decade-long lockup made possible by a guarantee we're not sure hedge fund managers are actually allowed to make: "Meyer is so confident in his approach that he offers an extraordinary guarantee: With Arjun, you will never lose money. His price of admission is steep, however. Investors must hand over their cash for a decade. If they exit early, Meyer keeps half the principal."
  • And a laid-back approach that says hey, don't sweat the small stuff: "Brian Kemp, Georgia’s secretary of state, says his securities division has discovered 'multiple irregularities' involving Arjun and its parent company, Statim Holdings Inc...Meyer’s legal counsel, Parth Munshi, says it’s all a misunderstanding, in particular because Statim believed it wasn’t required to submit to a surprise audit. He says Statim has retained a firm to conduct one."

How Does This Hedge-Fund Manager Make So Much Money? [Bloomberg]


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