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Bill Gross Maybe Still Not Playing Well With Others

Kumar Palghat knows what we're talking about.
Photo: Bob Riha Jr/Getty Images

Photo: Bob Riha Jr/Getty Images

Things are rocky out there, so it's important these days to find a gig that is solid. Maybe something with long-term upside working alongside people who know how to collaborate and value the input of others.

One thing to maybe avoid; Working with Bill Gross.

The man brought in to be co-manager with Bill Gross at his bond fund for Janus Capital is out after only a year in the job.

Well maybe this guy just wasn't prepared for how awesome it is to work with Bill...

Kumar Palghat, who worked with Mr Gross at Pimco for ten years, was named co-manager of the Janus Unconstrained Bond Fund in July 2015 after Janus acquired Mr Palghat’s firm, Kapstream capital, writes Stephen Foley in New York.

So, Palghat could not have been unprepared for Bill's stories about college backseat erotica, or his general Grossness. And also, you don't leave Janus, you go to Janus.

Furthermore, Bill needs a young number two to keep that money rolling in so he can be unconstrained with it, and those don't grow on trees. What it even happening here?

A regulatory filing by Janus today gives no clue as to the reason for Mr Palghat’s exit. Under “investment personnel” for the fund it simply states: “Effective July 28, 2016, references to Kumar Palghat are deleted.”

So, like, what Bill did to El-Erian, but in real life.

Bill Gross’ co-manager at Janus fund is out [FT]


I'm sorry but I just don't recognize him. Source: Getty Images

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