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If This Hedge Fund PM's Gotta Trash A $20 Million Hamptons House With Some Gun-Toting Midgets To Raise Awareness For Animals, Then That's (Allegedly!) What He's Gonna Do

Sorry, Brett Barna's not sorry.
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In the face of an extremely angry homeowner from whom one rented a Hamptons house and then proceeded to (allegedly!) trash via midgets dressed as gun-toting Uncle Sams and 1,000 friends dousing their bodies in champagne, who (allegedly!) pilfered expensive art, destroyed furniture, and left used condoms as parting gifts, a person might be somewhat to very contrite. Brett Barna is not that person. And you wanna know why? Because he (allegedly!) did it for the animals.

Barna, a portfolio manager at Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital Management, hosted the all-day “#Sprayathon” pool party on Sunday, where 1,000 people doused themselves in bubbly as rapper Ace Hood performed...The owner, who asked to not be named, told us, “Brett came to me dropping Louis Bacon’s name and saying he was a big deal with the Robin Hood Foundation. He said there would be 50 people at the event and it was for animal rescue. But the only animals there were the people, a thousand of them. They drowned themselves in Champagne, they had midgets they threw in the pool, they broke into the house, trashed the furniture, art was stolen, we found used condoms. So many people were there that the concrete around the pool crumbled and fell into the water. It was like ‘Jersey Shore’ meets a frat party. We are preparing a massive lawsuit . . . We’re waiting to serve him.

And for the animal lovers who need a visual on those small Uncle Sams:

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