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Brett Barna: Hamptons Party Was "Good Clean Fun," Home Owner Is Just Trying To Pressure Me Into Giving Him More Money

And the gun-toting midgets are friends of his.
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Remember Brett Barna? Former Moore Capital portfolio manager who was fired from his job after reports that a Hamptons rental was totally damaged by attendees of a party he threw-- called "Sprayathon"--, the entertainment for which included gun-toting midgets dressed as Uncle Sam? Who was sued by the owner of the house, Omar Amanat (who himself was arrested last week on fraud charges)? Barna was on CNBC earlier today to call bull sh*t on the owner's claims, telling Kelly Evans:

brett barna
  • The party was about charity and it raised $100,000 for animals
  • The party was "good clean fun" and "nothing illegal" occurred
  • The owner had demanded cash upfront (which Barna refused) and then afterwards attempted to get more money than was initially agreed upon
  • "This is about Mr. Amanat trying to create the most ridiculous story he can to try to pressure me into giving him more money"
  • Before and after photos of the property show there was no damage done
  • The dwarves are friends of his who he's known for five years

Fired hedge funder: Hamptons party was 'good clean fun' [CNBC]

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