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Brexit Turning London Into The New Prague

In that it's a great place for Americans to consider a vacation circa now.
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By National Library of Ireland on The Commons [No restrictions or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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London may not have a future as a financial center after Brexit. But as a quaint relic, full of castles and beer and fried food? Tourist paradise, like Vienna, but cheaper and without having to listen to people speaking German (since those people will have been thrown out)?

British Airways, owned by International Consolidated Airlines Group SA, said it saw an 80% increase in U.S. searches for U.K. travel on June 28, compared with the previous year. It launched a Brexit-related fare sale that day with the tagline “Your dollar has never gone further….”

For the same weekend, U.S. searches for U.K. flights and hotels doubled on the Momondo Group Ltd. website, Managing Director Andrew Shelton said. Searches rose by 61% from China, 49% from Canada and 31% from various EU countries, he said.

Brexit Makes U.K. Vacations More Affordable for Americans [WSJ]



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