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Business School Student: I'm Building My Professional Network By Meeting Guys On Sugar Daddy Sites

That's how all the Serious Businessladies do it.
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Business attire. Getty Images.

Business attire. Getty Images.

Over at Inc today you will find what we can only assume is a piece of performance art, starring a UK-based business school student whose name has been withheld. For reasons unknown, the anonymous woman wrote a 1,271 word letter to one of the site's business columnists, telling him, unsolicited, that while she deploys "many networking techniques" to build her future career, "there's no question that my appearance has helped me a lot to meet highly influential people." But chance meetings in bars with central bankers and hedge fund managers will only get you so far, which is why the letter-writer recently opened a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby account. Someone apparently once told her that even though the primary purpose of these sorts of sites is for old rich men to meet young rich women who will have sex with them in exchange for money, it's also a totally legitimate place to find a "business mentor" who just wants to see your career flourish.

The usual model for such sites is that an old rich guy finds a young lady. They meet once in a while and he gives her money in return for sex. Sometimes he is also her business mentor and might help her find a job. I would never ever become a sugar baby or even something similar.


...when using the site, I still had to pretend I was interested in more than a guy's job and contacts. We meet for dinner and usually talk a lot about business. For example, I met a Swedish entrepreneur who had sold his software company to Alibaba and became insanely rich. He was friends with Richard Branson and Bill Gates, which was quite impressive. We talked and I knew I had to impress this guy in order to get a meeting with him. First, he invited me to Greece. He said we would fly in his private jet and he would fly me back whenever I wanted. Even though this offer was very tempting, I refused due to an important coursework deadline. Then after a few weeks he texted me again and said he was in London and if I wanted to meet for dinner. We had been chatting a lot and I told him about my business idea. He was very keen on getting to know more and said he would be willing to invest.

But then the weirdest thing happen. She arrived at the dinner and it was like the Swede didn't care at all about hearing her pitch, which no one could have ever predicted would happen.

When I arrived at the dinner, there were other 10 people and I figured out it wasn't a business meeting. However, the people there were very interesting, I chatted a bit with CEO of one very famous food delivery company. When he left, I was there left alone and had nobody to talk to. The Swedish guy was talking business with his partners but I was just sipping wine, and never got to pitch my idea to him. Then we went with the other people to a club but I left after having a few drinks. To sum up, this was not a fortunate occasion for me but I have learned a lot from that guy and who knows, if I start a company sometime and will be looking for investors, I might contact him and I am pretty sure he will be willing to listen.

Luckily, things went better with an LA entrepreneur who was totally only on the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby site just to see what it was like and not to compensate a woman to f*ck him.

My current business mentor I also met through the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby website. He was actually the first person I talked to and same thing for him. We both just wanted to "try it out". We chatted quite a bit and then after a few days he revealed his identity. I found out he was pretty famous in Los Angeles where he makes his living as a business advisor and mentor. He wanted me to come to California, however I was at University and couldn't leave. So eventually we met a few weeks ago in London, when he came to do his talk here and also buy a house. I had been watching his talks and tutorials ever since we started chatting. He is very smart and well-traveled and reads a book a day. He has millions of followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. In his videos, he seems rather arrogant (cars, houses, etc.) but in real life he seems humble and down to earth.

Amazingly, Letter Writer isn't even close to being done. Next, there's the guy who ditched her during drinks and pawned her off on a friend. But spoiler alert: this one has a happy ending! For our Serious (self-proclaimed non-gold digger) Businesswoman ended up with not only a new "mentor" but a billionaire boyfriend who kickstarted her investment portfolio.

Lastly, there's the "oil and gas guy." I am very interested in energy in general, so this was definitely a person I wanted to meet. He invited me for drinks at the Four Seasons. When I met him he looked quite experienced and seemed to have a strong character. He took me to a table where he had a business meeting with another "energy guy". He said he had not planned this to happen, but work couldn't wait. So I was sitting there with a glass of wine, partially involved in the meeting. Then, out of the blue, he said he was sorry and that he had to go to another meeting and left. So I was there left with his business partner (I'll call him "Mr. A"). Surprisingly, we got along very well and I found him very intriguing. We talked in general about our lives and eventually exchanged numbers. After a few weeks, Mr. A texted me that he was in town and if I wanted to go for dinner. (Note: he didn't know about the dating site thing)...long story short, he is now my main business mentor and also a boyfriend if I can call him so...I think he is with me from various reasons, but one of them is that I am not a gold-digger and more than his money want his knowledge and business advice as well as mentoring. We are both keen on learning and exploring new fields of study...As he travels a lot, we have a long distance relationship. I am so glad to have met him. We talk a lot about business, he is now working on a solar deal and helps me building my financial portfolio. He has also given me a few thousands of shares of the solar company.

One Millennial's Success Strategy: Shameless Flirting [INC]


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