Let’s Talk About: CFA Results

Some of you need this more than others.
Is this you right now? Getty Images

Is this you right now? Getty Images

Forty-three percent of Level 1 takers and forty-six percent of Level II’ers are likely feeling prettay prettay prettay good at the moment, on account of the promise land coming that much closer. The rest of you are probably in not as great a place, on account of having just thrown away the last 4-6 months of your lives, as well as thousands of dollars in test prep books and classes, friendships, social lives, once-civil relationships with neighbors who were on the receiving end of many a Saturday night pounding on the wall while screaming “Shut the hell up in there I’m trying to study!” If you need to talk about how you're feeling, and you've alienated everyone else in your life: we're listening.

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