A Large Chunk Of Deutsche Bank Employees Are Embarrassed To List "Deutsche Bank" On Their Résumé: Deutsche Bank

Survey says: Less than half of employees "are proud to work at the firm."
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Here are some things that have happened to/at Deutsche Bank over the last number of months:

So it reeeeallly didn't need to head into the weekend with this sad little revelation.

Deutsche Bank AG said a survey of staff found fewer of the German bank’s employees feel committed to the lender than they were a year earlier, with less than half saying they are proud to work at the firm. “The results paint a sobering picture of the mood inside our bank,” Chief Executive Officer John Cryan and Karl von Rohr, chief administrative officer, said in a memo to staff posted to the company’s website Friday. “The ongoing transformation of our businesses, and the resulting job cuts, are causing a lot of concern and uncertainty.”

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