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Exhausted Elon Musk Finally Admits That He Is "The Great Gatsby"

Or at the very least, homeboy should stay out of the pool.

Yesterday, Elon Musk tweeted to the world that he intended to stay up all night working on Tesla business.


For shareholders that have seen some rough surf in their stock price, it was welcome news to hear that their fearless leader was going to personally buckle down on autopilot, the Model 3 and what he referred to as the "master product plan."

Well, Elon maybe did stay up all night because at about 7:30am PST, he tweeted this:

Haha...wait what? We always assumed that Elon was a self-made billionaire whose mysterious fortune came from bootlegging, but we didn't know that he did all of this - the cars, the rockets, the solar panels - for the love of a woman? Who is your Silicon Daisy Buchanan, Elon? Is it Ruth Porat, that lovely flower stuck in a secretly loveless marriage to Larry and Sergey? Is it Mayer, that gentle ingenue desperate to escape her life of sadness? Or is it Jack Dorsey? Is this why you are constantly shuffling the deck, creating a company and then "acquiring" it with your other company? Is your interest in space just an expression of your desire to escape your pain? Stay off the LIE, Elon. And for god's sake don't get in the pool!

That's exactly what Jay Gatsby would tweet.



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