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Four Seasons Restaurant Bathing Bro Beauties: Finance Or Law?

These guys seem cool.

New York's famed Four Seasons restaurant will pack up and move from its talismanic Midtown space in the Seagrams Building this week, putting an end to the run of one of the city's most prolonged hospitality success stories.

That sad reality has apparently had something of a fun side effect however as some high-rolling and "celebratory" patrons no longer fear being banned from the famous power dining spot and are now indulging their bro-iest NYC fantasies by stripping down and taking a dip in the middle of the iconic Pool Room.

And thanks to the Seagram Building's owner Aby Rosen (who seems annoyed by the "disrespect" on Instagram but also quasi-evicted the restaurant and has proposed gutting the space), we now have an exemplary piece of evidence that this trend has captivated a troika of extremely self-confident dudes that seem to clearly spend their days in the salt mines of finance or law. But why leave that as a mystery?

In conjunction with our brothers and sisters at Above the Law dot com, we're asking for IDs on these bathing bros. Are they your office mates at your hedge fund, I-Bank or biglaw firm?

Based on their lascivious and bacchanalian behavior, we're going to guess these guys work at either Citigroup or Wachtell.



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