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George Soros: Maybe Brexit Will *Save* The EU

Let him explain.
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The hedge fund manager predicted pre-vote that the effects of Britain voting to leave the European Union would be very, very bad. He still thinks that. But maybe they're SO bad, and so much worse than voters expected, that they'll break the time space continuum and give birth to an EU 2.0, one that countries will be just begging to get into.

The post-referendum turmoil has highlighted for people in Britain just what they stand to lose by leaving the EU. If this sentiment spreads to the rest of Europe, what seemed like the inevitable disintegration of the EU could be instead creating positive momentum for a stronger and better Europe. The process could start in Britain. The popular vote can’t be reversed but a signature collecting campaign could transform the political landscape by revealing a newfound enthusiasm for EU membership. This approach could then be replicated in the rest of the European Union, creating a movement to save the EU by profoundly restructuring it. I am convinced that as the consequences of Brexit unfold in the months ahead, more and more people will be eager to join this movement.

The Promise Of Regrexit [Project Syndicate]

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Brexit Will Never End

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