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George Soros Is The Villain In Ex-Icelandic Prime Minister’s Retelling Of His Tragic Story

Another round of America's favorite game show: Putin or Soros?
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Comparing notes. [CC BY 4.0 or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Comparing notes. [CC BY 4.0 or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We still don’t know who leaked the Panama Papers, featuring the tax-evading lives of the rich and famous, to a bunch of newspapers. But there are theories.

Vladimir Putin was certain it was Goldman Sachs for a while.

Bradley Birkenfeld offered two of his 10.4 billion cents: He’s got a hunch it was the CIA—which means he’s still definitely the greatest whistleblower of all time because spies don’t count.

Now, it’s Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson’s turn. He’s the former prime minister of Iceland and, as far as we know, the only person to have actually lost his job over the mess, since it was unseemly for him to be stowing money in some sunny tax haven while he wasn’t letting anyone else take any out of his frigid, capital-controlled country. Well, some of those people whose money he was keeping on ice were hedge funds, and George Soros used to be a hedge fund manager, so do the math. No, wait: Let Gunnlaugsson do it for you, since he's got some free time these days.

“I have a pretty good idea [who is behind the attacks on me], but that might be the subject of a whole new radio hour, which we can do at good moment. But it is very interesting which has submerged about this assault on me, which had been prepared for seven months, in many countries, using this data [the Panama Papers] which [George] Soros hedge-fund king had bought and could obviously use at will.

Sigmundur Davíð did not explain why Soros would want to attack him, but implied that it was because hedge-funds were among the claimants against the fallen banks. It has been revealed that the ex-prime minister wife’s company, Wintris, also held claims against the fallen Icelandic banks. Previously, Sigmundur Davíð had referred to the hedge-funds as “vultures”.

Ex-Prime Minister Says George Soros Behind Panama Papers [Iceland Review]


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