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Lloyd And Gary Are Encouraging Staff To Maybe Rethink Their Trump 2016 Donations

It's not a good idea to put "Make America Great Again" in the memo line of a check at 200 West Street these days.

Even we're sick of reheating that stale question "Is Hillary Too Close To Goldman Sachs?" But what about this variation on the theme?


Is Goldman Sachs too close to Hillary?

According to our gym buddy Charlie Gasparino, we could be on to something...

Executives at Goldman Sachs who want to support Republican efforts in this fall’s elections are telling GOP fundraisers that management at the big investment bank is cautioning them about making direct contributions to the party’s presidential candidate, real estate developer Donald Trump, the FOX Business Network has learned.

It almost feels like an alternate reality to imagine Goldman not actively taking both sides of a fundraising battle in a presidential election cycle, which is why it might not be entirely...

Rather, these same Goldman executives say they are being prodded by their supervisors that if they want to support the GOP this year, they should give more broadly to Republican party coffers, such as PACs and directly to the Republican National Committee.

As Gasparino says in his piece, if Goldman really is trying to get right-leaning employees to keep their checkbooks in their drawers, it's only if those employees are planning on writing the actual word "Trump" on their checks.

Which is bad bad news for The Donald. As has been widely reported, Hillary is out-raising Trump by a yuge margin and the quickest way to get make up cheddar is to hit up the big banks. In 2012, Mitt Romney pulled down at least $1 million from individual contributors associated with Goldman, the biggest bank-associated bloc of donors.

Per Charlie's reporting, while it seems that Goldman is being pretty clear with people inside the firm that it would not like to see Trump hit Romney numbers, there is now attempt to make that clear to the public.

“What (Trump fundraisers) are hearing is that management has told Goldman executives who want to give they should do so to the party and not to Trump directly,” according to one GOP fundraiser with direct knowledge of the matter.
A Goldman Sachs spokesman said no direct edict from company management has been given to executives regarding the Trump campaign.

But when Ben White from Politico reached out to talk to Goldman about these rumors, he got a much knottier response from an exec:

“We don't really have any major donors to the RNC or Trump this cycle. No enthusiasm … [But] there are no top down edicts. Safe to say that GOP folks at the firm are more enthused about supporting down ballot races.”

And while this particular exec might have his or her own political inclination, it does make some objective sense that Goldman Sachers would be non-plussed by Trump's candidacy. Aside from being a living and breathing representation of unpredictability, Trump has also embraced the kind of controversial rhetoric and behavior that is anathema inside 200 West Street. Doubling down on that shift, it could be argued that some GOP die-hards inside Goldman might be looking at Hillary as the Devil they know these days.

And even her biggest critics would say that they know her very well.

Goldman Sachs Execs Cringe at Trump, Send Cash to RNC Instead [Fox Biz]



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