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Layoffs Watch '16: Goldman Sachs Traders And Salesman Got An Extra-Long Holiday Weekend

And the rest of the summer off.
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Hard on him that it is on you. (Getty Images)

As broken up about it as you are. Getty Images

On top of the cuts it made less than two weeks back, Goldman Sachs has reportedly stripped another bunch of employees of their ID cards, at gs dot com addresses, and sense of purpose (a Goldman-size paycheck) in this world. And no, they weren't allowed to take the gold-plated casing their genitals were sheathed in upon accepting the offer at the firm, and which had to be painfully removed upon departure. If you run into one of your friends from GS out East this weekend, likely drinking since Wednesday, don't say anything: just go in for the hug and promise us you won't be the first one to let go.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. dismissed about 60 traders and salesmen in New York and London this week, according to a person briefed on the matter. The cuts, which come on top of at least 353 others in New York this year, affect employees in fixed-income and equities, said the person.

Goldman Sachs Said to Cut About 60 More Jobs in New York, London [Bloomberg]


Sad about it. Getty Images.

Layoffs Watch '16: Goldman Sachs

The House of Lloyd has bid a buncha employees adieu.

Hard on him that it is on you. (Getty Images)

Layoffs Watch '16: Goldman Sachs

According to Charlie Gasparino, the House of Lloyd is preparing big cuts.

Layoffs Watch '16: Goldman Sachs

The House of Lloyd is making cuts.

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The House of Lloyd plans to divest itself of a whole buncha investment bankers.

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Some little Lloyds won't make it past Labor Day, while others will get to celebrate one last Halloween/National Salami Day/Election Day/Boxing Day at the bank.

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The cuts are on top of Goldman's annual axing of the 5% of employees giving the bank a bad name.