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Hedge Funds Make Money In First Half, Still Subjected To Crisis-Era PTSD

Worst first half performance since '08? That's gonna leave a mark.
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By Footprint Sheffield Ltd [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

These on your 'nads = H1, Wikimedia Commons

Given all that’s been said and all that’s been written, you might be surprised to learn that hedge funds have not actually lost money this year, at least according to one industry benchmark. And that’s even after Brexit helped shave a half-point last month off of their gains to that point. Considering that we’re talking about a terminal patient here, you’d think we could go a little easy on the sick, lumbering dinosaurs. Let them have this moment in the sun, since it might be their last. But no.

Hedge funds globally posted gains of 1.36 percent in the first six months of 2016 in the worst performance since 2008 when they lost 0.53 percent, industry tracker Preqin said on Friday.

Hedge funds post worst H1 performance since 2008-Prequin [Reuters]


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