Banker Who Walked HSBC Colleagues Through Fine Art Of Tossing A Client's Kid An Internship To Win Business, Over Chat, Is Gonna Take Off Now

Robert Domanko is taking a nice long summer break.
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The first rule of the "I scratch your back/you scratch mine" club is you don't talk about the "I scratch your back/you scratch mine" club in an electronic forum that anybody can and will read. Come on people!

Rob Domanko, the senior banker at HSBC who embarrassed his bank and a client when he was caught openly chatting about a quid-pro-quo transaction, quietly left on the bank on Wednesday, The Post has learned. Last year, The Post obtained transcripts of an Instant Bloomberg chatroom in which Domanko lays out in detail how the sausage is often made on trading desks throughout Wall Street. Domanko, who headed the bank’s equity derivatives program since May 2012, advised his traders to sweeten a deal for a client — but not too much — because HSBC was already likely to win its business...After one banker asks why they should give the client a better deal, Domanko gives them the unvarnished truth. “to look competitive …maybe he gives it to us if we are close but not the best price..jenn spent 2months helping the clients son get an internship,” he wrote. “chance he gives to us if close, but not best offer,” he went on. “so, even a few bps would help,” he said, referring to the basis points. The blunt answer was met with immediate derision and scorn by his underlings. “Amazing,” one wrote. “are you kidding me on that helping the clients son get an internship?” wrote another. “How can you write that in an IB chat?” asked a third. “the internship wasn’t at hsbc,” Domanko replied. “she mentored him…”

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