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Painfully Hip Bank CEO Proclaims Fintech To Be Totes Over

Sorry tech nerds, Jamie Dimon just did Fintech and now it's done.

Remember when Fintech was coming to destroy the traditional banking industry?


Remember how hundreds of thousands of finance jobs would be made obsolete by technology?

Remember banks lining up to spend huge amount on acquisitions and acqui-hires to stave off the impending march of obsolescence?

Well, you an forget all that because fintech is over now thanks to Jamie Dimon who built a nerd bunker and apparently did the damn thing...

A hoarse voice kept J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. chief James Dimon silent for most of the bank’s earnings call Thursday. But it didn’t stop him from speaking up to defend the bank’s financial-technology, or “fintech,” agenda.

Dimon clearly saved up his energy to address the JPM's advances in peer-to-peer digital payments, something that has been close to his heart for awhile now and was seen for years as an especially soft part of banking's underbelly ripe for tech disruption.

And here's what Jamie said:

"So if you look at the whole payment space, Chase Paymentech has gained share, ChaseNet is doing very well, Chase Pay, we have signed up lots of different people and one piece of that is P2P. So today right now, if you use Chase QuickPay, it is very easy within Chase to Chase, it is just now as easy to open Chase to a bunch of other banks. I won't name now, but we just started rolling out and soon it will be rolled out to 60% of American banking accounts and then we are going to make it available to all banks. So you will be able to go P2P real-time through Chase QuickPay. There will be a special app for Chase QuickPay, but it will also be branded on other names which we haven't rolled out yet, which I think will be rolled out shortly."

That's a lot of info to prove that JPM is pretty far along in this whole thing. But how far? Well, let Jamie finish his thought...

So I think it's a great success that the banks can get together and do this and it would be a great service which I think shows you the bank is making progress and you would have called prior fintech.

Yeah, what "you would have called prior fintech" but won't anymore unleess you are the kind of idiot who likes to use words rendered obsolete by Jamie "Fintech is Dead" Dimon.

And if you needed anymore proof that Jamie has changed what we used to call the Fintech scene for good, just look at the two JPM employees who bolted his tech bunker this week to start their own Blockchain startup.

Good luck with that, you Johnnies-come-lately.

J.P. Morgan’s Jamie Dimon: Fintech’s Got Nothing on Us [WSJ]


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