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Jeffrey Gundlach Is Taking His Boring Profits All The Way To The Back Room Of The Video Store

You've got questions, J-Gunds got answers.
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If all you know about Jeffrey Gundlach are certain peccadillos and prurient interests, you’d be at risk of getting the guy all wrong. He’s a bond manager, after all, and bond managers—quirks aside—are usually pretty conservative guys. And so it is with Gundlach, who sat down with Barron’s to explain it all, like:


• As a pretty conservative guy, he wasn’t expecting Brexit, but it doesn’t really affect him at all except:
• He’s now extra-double sure Janet Yellen will not do what he would not do, which is raise interest rates;
• And he’s now extra-triple sure that there’s going to be some extra gilding in the Oval Office come January;
• And that won’t really be all that bad because whatever terrible damage Donald Reagan does Making America Great Again will be at least partially offset by the amount of money it costs to build 2,000-mile walls and hire enough storm troopers to deport 11 million people.
• Also: Nobody should care that stocks are hitting record highs, or that his portfolio is boring right now, unless you don’t like making money.

Our portfolios are high-quality bonds, gold, and some cash. People say, “What kind of portfolio is that?” I say it’s one that is outperforming everybody else’s. I mean, bonds are up more than 5%, gold is up substantially this year [28%], and gold miners have had over a 100% gain. This is a year when it hasn’t been that tough to earn 10% with a portfolio. Most people think this is a dead-money portfolio. They’ve got it wrong. The dead-money portfolio is the S&P 500.

Jeffrey Gundlach on Stocks, Trump, and Gold [Barron’s]


Want To Earn $100,000 The Hard Way, You Dirty Little Bitch? Give Jeffrey Gundlach A Call

As you may have heard, at some point last week, bond manager Jeffrey Gundlach was robbed. Thieves took $10 million worth of stuff from the Doubleline founder's Santa Monica pad, including a couple of paintings, a few watches, some high-priced wine, a 2010 Porsche Carrera 4S, and whatever cash was lying around. While it's unclear if the burglars made away with Gundlach's collection of priceless pornographic films and sexual apparatus; if he was targeted specifically because the thieves knew they could get their hands on the original copy of Dr. Fellatio 16; or if they were tipped off by JG's regular pizza delivery guy, cable repairman, or pool boy, what is clear that Gundlach is pissed, pissed like a man who is no longer in possession of Ass Traffic Volume 2: The Director's Cut.  And that's where you come in. Mr Gundlach has reportedly offered a $100,000 reward for the return of his property. $1,000 is also being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who carried out the raid, according to Santa Monica police. And to the burglars, if you're reading this, Gundlach will see your asses in court (the real kind, unless you want to settle this in Bondage Nookie Court in which case, get in touch with this lawyer). Multimillionaire financier victim of $10-million heist [LA Times] Thieves snatch $10million haul of fine art, jewellery and a Porsche from home of wealthy banker dubbed the 'Bond God' [DM] Related (...?): Jeffrey Gundlach NOT Set Up By TCW, Big Fan Of “Dr. Fellatio” Series


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