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As JP Morgan Nears Settlement Over Asian Hiring Practices, Let's Remember The Super Star Of This Tale

Everybody give it up, one last time, for Gao Jue.
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In the coming months, JP Morgan is expected to pay $200 million to settle both civil and criminal probes over the way it went about doing its hiring in Asia, which allegedly included "a China program in which it hired sons and daughters of powerful people," a set up that "violated a U.S. law prohibiting giving something of value in exchange for business." The settlement is good news for the bank since it'll avoid "more mostly penalties that could come, including the filing of criminal charges," but sad for us, because it means we'll have to say goodbye to the greatest character to emerge from the probes: Gao Jue. For one last time, let's recall that Goa, the son of China's commerce minister:

...and was not only offered a job but subsequently spared during a major round of layoffs.

J.P. Morgan Chase Nearing Settlement With Prosecutors on Asia Hiring Probes [WSJ]

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