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Everyone At Sun Valley Is Hanging Out Without Marissa Mayer

Marissa will have to content herself with Silicon Valley this year.

When you grab your platinum-coated named badge at the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, you are expected to pin that sucker on, take a deep breath and start talking DEALS!

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And while one of the biggest deals out there in tech right now is the sale of the smoking husk of Yahoo, one major player in that situation is not going to find a badge with her name on it in Sun Valley this year.

Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer — who last year scored an invite to Allen & Company’s annual shindig for tech tycoons and media moguls but who was apparently a no-show at the swanky Idaho resort — didn’t make this year’s cut, according to a list obtained by The Post.

But even without Marissa on the premises, her ears are likely to be burning with that midsummer Idaho heat because seemingly everyone else in on the Yahoo deal will be in Sun Valley.

On the bidding side, Verizon Chief Executive Lowell McAdam and Tim Armstrong, the head of Verizon’s AOL unit, are expected to be strolling the leafy grounds at Sun Valley as they prepare a takeover offer for Yahoo’s core internet business that could top $4 billion.
McAdam and Armstrong are plotting, of course, with the help of investment bankers at Allen & Company, which is hoping to get a piece of the Yahoo deal in the form of lucrative advisory fees.

So, perhaps despite appearances, it makes sense to keep "Evita Breadsticks" at a distance this year. With final bids due in a few days and all the key players in one valley (even outside shotters Warren Buffett and Dan Gilbert) keeping Mayer - who has proven to have something of an indecision/management problem - back in her native valley is a canny move by the dudes at Allen & Co. if they want to finally lay down some real firmament upon which to build a sale of Marissa's badly damaged Purple Kingdom.

Or maybe they're just worried Marissa would have come in her Marie Antoinette costume.

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