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Martin Shkreli's Really Gotta Catch 'Em All

The Shkrelmaster has a cute new hobby.

You'd think that hedge fund bro turned pharma bro turned federal fraud defendant Martin Shkreli would have a lot on his mind these days... and you'd be right!


Notorious price gouger Martin Shkreli walked out of Brooklyn Federal Court on Thursday with a date for his fraud trial and posed a weighty question for his criminal defense lawyer: "Can I go play Pokémon now?"

Sure that sounds cavalier at first blush, but Martin Shkreli is actually just playing the game right. If he's going to catch 'em all, he's going to have to put in the work. And he's also going to have neutralize the competition, like his former lawyer and current co-defendant Evan Greebel...

The game break came minutes after Shkreli had thrown his co-defendant under the bus by announcing he will seek a separate trial, claiming the former lawyer gave him bad legal advice that got him indicted.

As far as we know, federal prisons aren't great Poké Stops so Shkreli's plan is pretty airtight. And he didn't come this far by going after just one enemy at a time. Martin made it abundantly clear that he was hell-bent on keeping all the Pokémon in Brooklyn's Cadman Plaza all to himself.

As Shkreli crossed Tillary St., a car beeped its horn at the throng of photographers shadowing him. Shkreli motioned to the photographers to move in the path of the car.

He is one naughty Pikachu.

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli asks lawyer if he can ‘go play Pokémon now’ after court hearing where he asked for separate fraud trial from co-defendant [NYDN]


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