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Owner Of Allegedly Trashed Hamptons House Runs Into His Own Legal Troubles (Being Arrested On Fraud Charges)

Omar Amanat knows what we're talking about.
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Remember how last week was the worst week ever for Brett Barna, the former Moore Capital portfolio manager who was fired from Louis Bacon's firm after reports surfaced that he'd thrown a party at a house he rented in Bridgehampton, which was allegedly left trashed by hundreds of "Sprayathon" attendees and a cadre of gun-toting midgets dressed as Uncle Sam? One of the guys who owns that house seems to be having a rough couple days of his own.

Omar Amanat — who was once dubbed “the most powerful person in Hollywood you’ve never heard of” — was arrested on Wednesday on charges of participating in a conspiracy to defraud investors in a tech startup, Kit Digital Inc...According to Bloomberg, “Prosecutors claim that Amanat with Tuzman and Stephen E. Maiden of Maiden Capital . . . used an investment vehicle controlled by Tuzman to purchase Kit Digital shares,” and allege that, “Working with Tuzman, Maiden allegedly used his fund to inflate the share price and trading volume of Kit Digital.” ... And in another twist, Amanat is also a part-owner of the Hamptons mansion that was the location of the #sprayathon party thrown by hedge funder Brett Barna on July 3. Partygoers allegedly trashed the house, and further lawsuits are pending.

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