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Owner Of Hamptons House Where "Sprayathon" Went Down Also A Skilled Practitioner In The Fine Art Of Terrifying Middle Of The Night Text Messages

Brett Barna knows what we're talking about.
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If you've failed to keep up with the Hamptons House Party Heard 'Round The World And Subsequent Aftermath That Just Keeps Coming, a quick refresh:

brett barna omar amanat
  • Saturday, July 2, 2016: Then-Moore Capital portfolio manager Brett Barna hosts a party dubbed "Sprayathon" at a Hamptons rental, wherein hundreds of his friends douse each other in Champagne and the entertainment includes gun-toting midgets dressed as Uncle Sam. The party is a benefit to raise awareness and funds for animals.
  • Some point later that weekend: Reports of the party hit the Post and other news outlets and include claims by the house's owner that Barna and Co. destroyed the home, stole art, left used condoms scattered around the property and so on and so forth. Owner says he plans to sue Barna.
  • What was probably only a few hours after that: Barna is fired from his job at Moore Capital.
  • Thursday, July 14, 2016: Omar Amanat, the owner of the house, is arrested "on charges of participating in a conspiracy to defraud investors in a tech startup" and can't make bail.
  • Monday, July 18, 2016: Barna appears on CNBC and says that there was no damage done to the house, that Amanat is trying to shake him down for more money, and that the party was simply "good clean fun." Also, the midgets are his friends.

Now the Times is on the case with a report Amanat's text messages to Barna:

One from Mr. Amanat’s phone number said,“I’ll keep my cool for another 24 hours, then I’ll handle things another way.” A later text read: “When you least expect it one night, something so unspeakably bad is going to happen to you (maybe its karmic law, maybe it’s a friend of mine who heard what you did to me). Personally I won’t do a thing to you.”

Next up, if there is a god, we hear the midgets' side of the story. Stay tuned.

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