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Can Anyone Spare $500K For The Owner Of The Allegedly Trashed Hamptons House Currently Being Held On Bail?

Omar Amanat could use a hand/half a mill.
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As previously mentioned, Omar Amanat, AKA a part owner the the Hamptons house party heard 'round the world, has had a trying 9 hours, after being arrested on fraud charges at 6:30AM today. For one thing, he could go to jail for half a century. For another, he apparently has less than $3,000 to his name, which is throwing a wrench in the whole making bail thing.

Prosecutor Andrea Griswold questioned Amanat’s claims that he has only $2,700 in the bank, saying he lives in a $4.75 million rental property. She also said Amanat has a “history of not paying judgments,” adding that she could offer up witnesses who would attest to him having boasted that he is “judgment-proof and owes money all over the world.” Judge Maas said Amanat, who has claims to have been an investor in the studio that made “The Twilight Saga” series of films, could be released on a $2.5 million bond signed by three people and secured by $250,000 in cash or property. The government had been asking for a $2 million bond secured by $500,000. Amarant was detained until his bail conditions can be met. If he makes bail, he will still be under home confinement and electronic monitoring after the government argued that he is a flight risk.

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