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Point72 Asset Management's Pitch To Talent: Hey, Bro, Wanna Fleece?

Then you've come to the right place.
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As those of you who keep up with the sartorial inclinations of top hedge funds around the world, more than any other firm, Point72 Asset Management AKA the hedge fund formerly known as SAC Capital is associated with The Fleece. The chilly temperature Steve Cohen keeps the trading floor at necessitates an extra layer; they make their wearers feel like they belong to something special; and at least one guy thinks people are willing to pay over $375 to score a previously owned one. Even when the new guard changed everything about SAC 2.0 that reminded people of the original, from their name, sign out front, and email addresses to letting employees weigh in on interior design to claiming management is troubled by people who are motivated by money to starting a prep school, Everything’s Going To Be Alright: A Sign From Stamford

">they never abandoned The Fleece. So when someone was tasked with coming up with an ad campaign to attract talent, there was clearly no other way to go than "Hey man, you wanna work at a company where you get to wear a fleece?"

point72 fleece ad

Well? Do ya?

[Point72 Asset Management via Lawrence Delevingne]


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