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Trump Supporters Who Heckled Heidi Cruz About "Goldman Sachs" Might Wanna Do A Little Research

Or they could just google "Steven Mnuchin."

Night three of the 2016 GOP Convention continued on apace as the most overly dramatic parade of televised white people shenanigans since "Falcon Crest" went off the air.


Despite appearances from the other Trump son, our old pal Scott Walker, a pre-recorded Marco Rubio and what appeared to be a very talented sketch comedian workshopping a hilarious and bizarre character called "Small Business Owner, Michelle Van Etten," the clear highlight of the evening was Old Meltyface himself, Ted Cruz.

Having been invited to give a short speech endorsing Trump, Cruz instead gave a long speech about seemingly everything but voting for Donald Trump. While the speech started off in relatively positive fashion for Ted, the longer he droned on his naturally slow and smug manner without any hint of endorsement, the crowd became restless and then the inevitable happened: Ted Cruz found himself looking out a sea of people who had just realized that they hate him very much.

To throw kerosene on the fire of that organic Cruz hatred was the nominee himself, who strolled into the arena while Ted was still doing his haughty class president routine. The convention floor devolved into booing and shouting, leaving Cruz allies down in the pit in something of a pickle.

One ally in particular:

Ted left his wife down there with the angry masses and they did what angry masses do: surrounded her with menace and yelled out the name of her employer. There's even video:

Angry Ken Cuccinelli escorting Heidi Cruz out as Trump supporters yell at her — Graham Moomaw (@gmoomaw) July 21, 2016

Yeah, it's bizarre to hear a group of Republicans yell "Goldman Sachs" as an epithet at a successful woman on the floor of their own convention. There was a time not too long ago that "Goldman Sachs" was something Republicans said before high-fiving each other.

But what these angry Trump supporter were reflecting is the paradigm shift in the party. These people are sick of candidates beholden to Goldman Sachs to raise money who then turn around and appoint a "Government Sachs" guy to run Treasury. They're backing a brash billionaire candidate who says crazy sh!t and self-funded his primary run so he would not be beholden to guys like Goldman alum Steven Mnuchin...who is now Trump's chief fundraiser and prohibitive favorite to run Treasury.

Rest assured that "Goldman Sachs" will be muttered about derisively in Philadelphia next week, but that kind of rumbling will be tamped down and Bernie Sanders will not pull a Cruz when he takes the Democratic Convention stage. So while there is most definitely a very real schism on the left, they will tamp that sh!t down for a few days and rationalize Hillary's Goldman speeches in order to congeal around her. At the very least, there won't be a convention floor of delegates shouting "Goldman Sachs" at one GS alum while another works the luxury suites drumming up cash for the nominee.

It's become trite in the last 72 hours to say that the Republican party looks lost, but they just keep handing out such excellent examples.


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