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Investors Take British Pound 'Round Back, Beat It With A Rusty Tea Kettle

Apparently no one is concerned about staying on the corgis' good sides.
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Could kill you and make it look like an accieent (Getty)

Check yourselves. (Getty Images)

You all are bringing happy tears to George Soros's eyes.

Bullish bets on the British pound are now among the loneliest positions in global markets. Since the June 23 Brexit vote and the Bank of England’s recent decision to cut interest rates, the currency has depreciated sharply, and most see the selloff going further. Investors have staked the largest bearish bet against sterling on record, according to data from the U.S. Commodity Trading Futures Commission.

Speculators Mount Largest Short Sterling Position Ever as Pound Keeps Slumping [WSJ/MoneyBeat]


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