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Tormented Bridgewater Employee Flees Westport For The Notoriously Gentle Embrace of Henry Kravis

Christopher Tarui is free at last,

After dropping a bad publicity bomb in the woods of Westport, Connecticut and forcing Ray Dalio to say that his hedge fund is not, in fact, a “cauldron of fear and intimidation,” Christopher Tarui has reportedly done whatever it took to escape Bridgewater and go work for a boss more prone to not recording everything you say and less radical transparency.


Per BI:

An employee of Bridgewater Associates who filed a sexual-harassment complaint against his supervisor has withdrawn the claim and started a new job at private-equity firm KKR.

Tarui is with the gentleman barbarians now. At KKR, he can burn his copy of Principles and pick up a few copies of anything ever written by Updike or Cheever. KKR is not a bunch of fleeced-up maniacally honest traders in a forest hideaway...It's in Midtown.

But - lest we forget - by trading in Ray for Henry, Tarui is blazing a trail as a very rare escapee from Bridgewater now free to ply his trade elsewhere...

Tarui, who raised money for the hedge fund, withdrew his claim earlier this week and did not receive any financial compensation from the firm, a Bridgewater spokesman said.
Bridgewater also agreed to withdraw Tarui's employment restrictions, the spokesman added. Typically, Bridgewater employees are bound to noncompete agreements. The supervisor who is alleged to have harassed Tarui is still employed at the hedge fund. 

The only thing Tarui has to worry about now is re-acclimating to normalized corporate behavior... like passive-aggression and subtle criticism.

The Bridgewater employee who filed a sexual-harassment claim has withdrawn it and left for KKR [BI]


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