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Argentina's Ex-President Is Waiting For Her Nobel Prize For Economics

And wondering what the hell is taking so long.
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Really, Nobel committee people, can you think of a more deserving candidate? Don't answer that or ask Paul Singer. Just start engraving the damn thing. Tick-tock.

A debt default. Dodgy economic statistics. International Monetary Fund sanctions. Argentina’s former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner says it’s time she got a Nobel Prize for how she handled South America’s second-largest economy. In an interview with C5N television she criticized President Mauricio Macri and blamed him for a deepening recession and inflation near 50 percent. She also condemned any possible corruption that may have taken place during her eight years in office and denied any wrong doing herself. “Instead of having the courts chase us, they should be giving us a Nobel prize for economics,” Fernandez, 63, said. “We inherited a country in default and we left it without any debt."

Argentina’s Fernandez Says She Deserves a Nobel Prize in Economics [Bloomberg]



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