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Teenage Futures Trader Being Threatened By Thugs In Cargo Shorts, AKA Regulators

Jacob and David Wohl are the most entertaining father/son duo in managed futures.

You guys all remember the greatest and strangest National Futures Association filing that we talked about on Wednesday, right?


Well, good news; There's more!

One of the main characters in the NFA's report of its attempted visit to teenage futures trader Jacob Wohl was Jacob's dad, David. If you recall, David is the father/lawyer (and Trump campaign surrogate) who made it crystal clear to the NFA that he was not pleased with their attempt to carry out their announced visit to his son's HQ/home.

David Wohl gave an interview to Yahoo Finance elaborating on his side of the bizarre NFA visits, and if you thought he came off as pissed in the filing...

In a telephone call with Yahoo Finance, Wohl’s father, David, who has practiced as a criminal defense lawyer for 27 years, gave a different version of events. He called the NFA’s complaint “frivolous” and “not professionally written.”

First off, we brook no criticism of the NFA filing. That piece of writing is a gem and we refuse to see it attacked. But what else does Wohl have?

He also said that “two, maybe three guys” showed up “not dressed like professionals, wearing polo shirts and cargo shorts or something like they’re heading to the beach” and “ambushed” Wohl by “pounding on his door” with “no notice.”

Woah woah WHOA! They wore cargo shorts? Damn, NFA, we thought you were professionals.

Wohl’s father said his son lives in Hollywood Hills, a hilly area. He said that the NFA team members climbed up the hill adjacent to the home and “were peeking in the window like stalkers.”
Wohl said his son called him at the time and let him know what was going on. His son told him they were “tampering” with his mailbox. His son called the Los Angeles Police Department and filed a complaint.

To be fair to Young Jacob, watching dudes in cargo shorts rifling through boxes and scaling hills is pretty terrifying. But then again, he's a little young to have suffered through a Dave Matthews Band set at Lollapalooza, so maybe not that scary. At least we have an answer to who was peeking out at the NFA visitors through the upstairs window. And we also know that the "tampering" might have been the leaving of an NFA business card, since that's exactly what the NFA said in its filing.

But there's even more, because David Wohl's complaints are legion.

“If you want to send a subpoena you can do that. I’m not going to tolerate this regulatory thuggery, which is what they were displaying, in any way shape or form,” David Wohl said, adding, “This is the type of behavior that causes outrage toward the government … Are you kidding me? You guys just get the hell of his property. You send a letter or a subpoena. You do not ambush and stalk my son.”
He later added it was “completely outrageous” and “completely intolerable.”

Government thugs screeching up to a home and ambushing a teenager who just wants to manage futures in the freedom of his bedroom? What is this, Russia?

And talk about outrage! A regulatory agency made up of members who agree to possible visits from said regulators trying to visit a member and then announcing their arrival... wait.

But David Wohl is also a dad, and he's protecting his kid. We get that, and apparently so does he...

“In Jacob’s case, I’m his dad, I know how ethical and honest he is. He’s a brilliant, brilliant kid. The dad side of me, doesn’t want him to be bullied and harassed. If you want to do something, legally, and you want documents, you don’t go to someone’s house and tamper with their mailbox, climb on a hill, pounding with no notice — you’d think we’re a third world — it’s a Chicago regulatory agency!”

That's right David, the NFA is from Chicago, which is why you're lucky they didn't kick down the f@cking door. Your 18-year-old son is managing money in a super-volatile sector so maybe just tell him to check his mailbox.

And also, who was the mysterious child that the NFA talked to on the lawn?

Teen hedge fund manager's father accuses regulator of 'thuggery' [Yahoo Finance]


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