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That Is A ‘Help Wanted’ Sign You See Outside Point72 London

Stevie C is looking for some quanty blokes.
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Steve Cohen was a quant before Paul Tudor Jones made it uncool, and he’s been bullish on London both before and after Brexit made it a bargain. His newest hire, Olivier De Bellefonds, is the living embodiment of both of these relatively recent passions.


Olivier De Bellefonds is the most recent addition and joins Cubist Systematic Strategies, Point72's quant business, according to a person familiar with the hire….

De Bellefonds is the third hire to Point72's UK team, according to filings by Point72 Europe (London) with Companies House, since the country voted in a referendum on June 23 to leave the European Union. The filing confirming his hire was dated August 1.

Steven Cohen’s Point72 adds to London team [Financial News]



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