HSBC Executive Arrested At JFK For Front Running Pretty Sure Feds Are Just Wasting Their Time

Mark Johnson's pretty sure Mark Johnson should've been allowed to get on that plane.
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Back in July, HSBC executive Mark Johnson experienced a not great travel delay, when federal agents showed up to JFK and arrested him. The way Johnson sees it, though, the surprise collaring was a huge waste of everyone's time because he totally did not "participate in a fraudulent scheme to front-run a $3.5 billion currency transaction by one of the bank's clients," as has been alleged. So he pleaded not guilty today and here's the detailed analysis re: that not guilty plea from this lawyer:

"He pleaded not guilty because he is not guilty," the lawyer, Frank Wohl, told reporters after the hearing. "He's done nothing wrong."

No further questions.

HSBC executive pleads not guilty in U.S. over forex scheme [Reuters]