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Toronto Blue Jays Fan Casts Doubt On Jose Canseco's New Career As Financial Analyst

Marc Gale thinks something fishy is going on here.
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By Silent Sensei from Santa Cruz, USA (Oakland A's) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Readers of this blog are certainly familiar with the economic analysis of one José Canseco Capas Jr.: Former American League Rookie of the Year and MVP, six-time All-Star, two-time World Series champion, pioneering steroid user and now financial prognosticator. And while it is doubtful that many of you will agree with James Mark II’s appraisal that “he’s been pretty much spot on with the macro picture,” you’d have to give him at least this much:

“It’s not just the jargon but the fact that he’s able to deploy it in the manner that it’s meant to be used,” said Vishal Trivedi, who works in municipal finance in Oakland, Calif., has a degree in economics and follows tweets from Mr. Canseco. “I think it shows he’s thought about these topics, he has a cohesive opinion.”

That is, unless you think these nearly-lucid Tweets on gold, Brexit and the Bank of Japan are as fishy as Canseco’s 462 chemically-enhanced home runs.

“He’s either honed up on his finance skills or has a ghostwriter,” said Marc Gale, a Toronto Blue Jays fan and owner of a cleaning company who remembers the slugger’s 1998 season with the team. Though Mr. Gale thinks that the tweets are written in “Jose-style,” featuring characteristic misspellings and a lack of punctuation, he doubts Mr. Canseco is a financial expert.

“It definitely has an odor behind it,” he said.

Still, the sleuths at the Journal knew how to ferret out the real Canseco, the bankrupt who brags about having gone “through more money than many small countries”: Ask him for an interview.

Mr. Canseco, through his manager, declined to comment for this article without financial compensation.

Case closed.

From Bench to Benchmark: Jose Canseco Is Twitter’s Favorite Financial Analyst [WSJ]



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