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Moody's: Threat Of Economic Apocalypse Definitely Lower Under Hillary

Their working title was "Hey, it's not as bad as his plan."

Remember how back in June, Moody's let it be known that they thought Donald Trump's policies would end in something of a hellscape nightmare scenario for the American economy?


Well, they finally got around to looking at Hillary's money ideas, and the verdict is in:

"Secretary Clinton's economic proposals will result in a somewhat stronger U.S. economy," Mark Zandi, Moody's chief economist, and two others wrote in the report. "Near-term growth is supported by the stimulus provided by her spending plans in combination with much stronger foreign immigration."

"Somewhat stronger"? Wow, she nailed it!

Compared to what Moody's and rational voters are seeing from Trump, "Somewhat stronger" is tantamount to saying Hillary is a modern-day cross between Adam Smith and Alexander Hamilton.

And Moody's didn't just stop there with what our grandmother used to call "Faint praise:..

"Evident from her proposals is the belief that the country needs to invest more in education, infrastructure and workers, and that the well-to-do, and to a lesser degree financial institutions and businesses, should pay for it," Moody's wrote. "While her budget arithmetic does not completely add up, it is pretty close, and the nation's debt load under her plan is no different than under current law."

Moody's is taking some flack letting Zandi, a vocal Hillary supporter, write this report. But only in an election against a person so unhinged that he only needs one interview to insult a Gold Star mother and convey that he doesn't know what's happening in Crimea, are phrases like "Arithmetic does not completely add up," "Somewhat stronger," and "Pretty close" tantamount to being in the tank for a candidate.

But again, Moody's did set the bar low with its take on Trump...

The Trump analysis predicted the billionaire businessman's plans also would result in $11 trillion more in public debt and 3.5 million lost jobs. Trump is calling for across-the-board tax cuts that he said will spur aggressive growth, along with plans to renegotiate trade agreements and institute a sharp clampdown on illegal immigration.

That's "Somewhat weaker."

Moody's: Clinton will make economy 'stronger' vs. Trump 'recession' [CNBC]



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