Blackstone Associate Regrets Sending Threatening Emails After Being Called Out For Sending Threatening Emails

Max Salk is not having a great morning.

When Daily News journalist Shaun King wrote a column explaining why he will never again stand up when "The Star-Spangled Banner" is played, he likely knew that he would provoke anger from the Alt-Right and deal with attacks from people on the racist fringe of the American psyche.


So, he seems to be a little bit surprised that some of the fury directed at him is coming from a very unexpected place; a Blackstone employee. Early this morning, King took to Twitter and revealed that he's been dealing with some unwanted correspondence from one of Steve Schwarzman's minions.

Apparently, Salk curiously took down his LinkedIn profile this morning. That seems to have irked King even more...

A lot to unpack there.

But King wasn't done. He apparently decided that it was time to put a face with the name, perhaps in order to help Blackstone expedite its response...

While it's unclear if putting Salk's face on Twitter prompted a response from Blackstone, but according to King it definitely got Salk's attention...

Oof. That is not a great email. Aside from the unfortunate wording, it also gives King - a talented writer and provocateur - evidence with which to continue his very public social media shaming.

And continue it he did, with even more apparent help form Salk himself.

Blackstone has not yet responded with an official comment on this whole affair but we can picture Tony James knocking over a water cooler in the hallway upon getting news of this whole affair. It is unclear if Salk emailed King from a Blackstone account, but it seems likely that he did so from a personal one.