Trump Adds Eight Women And Anthony Scaramucci To His Economic Team

Mooch is neither a lady nor a Steve, but he's joining the team.

After assembling his dream team of Steves, Donald Trump must have realized that he forgot to seek out the economic advice of any Eves.


Well, never let it be said that The Donald is not a guy to hear criticism, wait almost a week, and then respond to that criticism with action. According to a release from his campaign, Trump seems to have found a bunch of women he would like to talk to about money, but he's apparently going to need an old pal to translate:

The newest additions to our economic team include, Diane Hendricks, Darlene Jordan, Betsy McCaughey, Brooke Rollins, Carla Sands, Anthony Scaramucci, Judy Shelton, Liz Uihlein, and Kathleen Hartnett White.

Apparently Trump's fundraising hype man Anthony Scaramucci will join the team as well. He will be the fifth hedge fund manager to become an official advisor.