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Professor Tyra Banks Will Deign To Educate Lowly Stanford MBA Students

Smize, nerds.

Stanford University's Graduate School of Business is by almost every metric one of the country's tippy top MBA programs.


Despite all that California chill, MBA-seekers in Palo Alto are serious people looking to get serious about making serious money. Stanford biz kids are not f@cking around, you guys. You won't see any Maria Sharpovas walking around like at that other B-School out east...

For two weeks next May, M.B.A. students at Stanford University will be taking tips in personal branding from the former host of “America’s Next Top Model.” Tyra Banks is slated to make her teaching debut at the school as a guest lecturer, co-teaching a class on creating and protecting a personal brand.

Yeah, at Stanford you get Tyra Banks. Because Tyra Banks is serious!

The former Victoria’s Secret model and chief executive of TYRA Beauty will also deliver tips on handling press exposure as a business leader. The first assignment for the class, “Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand,” asks students to create a short video introducing both themselves and the vision for a brand, according to the official course description.
Ms. Banks, 42 years old, said her teaching style will be engaging and fun, but tough: “If I see somebody not paying attention, I’m gonna call on them.”

Under the reign of Professor Tyra Banks, Stanford will clearly be even more serious, so aspiring tech CEOs better be prepared to come ready to "werk" because nobody pretends about making dumb things seem hard like Tyra Banks. And beware any potential future Elizabeth Holmes-types matriculating at Stanford Biz; Lest ye think you can pull off another Theranos, just picture your encounter with Professor Banks at a future alumni dinner...

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