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Liquidating Hedge Fund Not The Best Source Of Job Security

Visium Asset Management is preparing to say some tough good-byes.
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Not a Visium employee but could be. (Getty)

Not a Visium employee but could be. (Getty)

If the federal charges and liquidation announcements weren't a tip off, FYI: Visium will be asking a number of employees to clean out their desks.

Jacob Gottlieb’s Visium Asset Management plans to fire 24 employees in New York as the firm liquidates its hedge funds following charges against three former employees. The cuts are expected to start on Oct. 26 and continue for “a few months,” Visium said Friday in a New York Department of Labor notice. The firm said it has 110 employees in New York. Earlier this month, the company notified New York state that it planned to dismiss 33 employees.

While Steve Cohen won't touch ex-Visium employees with a 100-foot pole, they'll always have a home with Ken Griffin.

Visium Asset Management to Fire 24 Employees as Funds Shut [Bloomberg]


Not Thorell but could've been. (Getty Images)

Visium Informant Worked Hard For The Money

Jason Thorell wasn't just some layabout government witness.

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