Why Can’t Banks Be Friends?

European banks really can't afford NOT to be BFFs.
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It would be so much cheaper than the admittedly more fun cut-throating.

Industry experts and consultants say banks need to team up to share costs in areas where there is little distinction between offerings. This includes payment services as well as processes for credit, securities and anti-money laundering.

Banks and other financial firms are still looking at where exactly they might club together but industry consultants say collaboration could extend to property, with banks in some centers in Britain and United States already open to sharing office space.

Hard times seen bringing European banks closer together [Reuters]


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If Paris Can’t Be Europe’s Financial Center, No One Can

The French want the European Banking Authority, bad.

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Banking Culture Isn’t Going To Change So Why Bother Trying?

How do you regulate banks these days? How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

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Deutsche Bank Expects To Still Be Around In 2048

And also that banking will still be done in London.

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HSBC May Not Be Much For Banking, But It’s Great At Negotiating

The bank could teach a master class on the subject.

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He’d much rather be bidding and tricking his way through the deck, and so he is.


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