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Local Hedge Fund Manager Gets What He Pays For In Childcare (A Lawsuit)

Darren Davy knows what we're talking about.
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Some hedge fund managers get their kicks down at the Super Duper Weenie. Some go for spite and learning newfangled technologies. Others can’t get enough of musically-inclined porcine housemates. Some go for allegedly attacking their casual flings with lighting. Soros Fund Management alum Darren Davy and his wife, Asmaa, allegedly get theirs by allegedly exploiting and abusing the women they outsource raising their kids to. To each, their own.

A hedge-fund manager who worked for billionaire George Soros paid a nanny a measly $4.16 an hour while forcing her to sleep on the floor of his luxury Fifth Avenue pad, a lawsuit charges….

“While the defendants indulgently enjoyed an opulent lifestyle that is available only for New York’s ultra rich, [the nanny] slaved away 18 hours a day without respite, and . . . her days and nights were punctuated by a pervasive stream of ethnic slurs that were inflicted upon her by Ms. Davy,” Puerta’s lawyer, Marc Rapaport, told The Post, citing court papers….

Puerta claims Asmaa Davy constantly berated her, calling her “a stupid piece of s- -t,” “trash’’ and “vomit” among other insults.

Puerta, an observant Catholic, also says in the court papers that the couple refused to give her time off on Christmas and Easter to attend services.

My millionaire boss only paid me four dollars an hour [N.Y. Post]


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