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Co-Founder Of Facebook Puts His Money Where Silicon Valley's Anti-Trump Mouth Is

Nope, not him, a different one.

It's no secret that the tech sector is almost totally united in its disgust with the candidacy of Donald Trump.


Silicon Valley is not great terrain for a bullying fear-monger who has insulted an industry chock-full of prosperous nerds, many of whom are immigrants and all of whom think that Trump's position on topics like encryption are indecipherable and dumb.

But as is the Valley's wont, no one has really stood up and made a dramatic gesture in opposition to Trump. Techies are notoriously apolitical and often allergic to grandstanding on anything other than their own companies or products.

So it was something of a jolt to see that a founder of Facebook (no, not that one) is setting aside a legit fortune to combat Trump's campaign. According to a post on Medium (of course), Dustin Moskovitz and his wife are putting up $20 million to sway voters away from The Donald.

We cannot ignore the remarkable alignment between these two visions for society and the choices in this year’s election. The Republican Party, and Donald Trump in particular, is running on a zero-sum vision, stressing a false contest between their constituency and the rest of the world. We believe their positions, especially on immigration, which purport to improve the lives of Americans, would in practice hurt citizens and noncitizens alike. In contrast, the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton in particular, is running on a vision of optimism, pragmatism, inclusiveness and mutual benefit.

And while Mosovitz and his wife seem to be very critical of Trump - which makes sense considering that El Donaldo has long preferred Twitter to Facebook - they are also obscuring their cash infusion behind a thick scrim of Silicon Valley caveats.

This decision was not easy, particularly because we have reservations about anyone using large amounts of money to influence elections. That said, we believe in trying to do as much good as we can, which in this case means using the tools available to us (as they are also available to the opposition). At the same time, we are being open about the amount of funding we’re providing, even though transparency is not required in some cases.
We may be criticized by some for taking this action and there will be theories projected onto our reasons — but those who know us best will see the sincerity of our intentions, and can attest that the thoughts above represent the full scope of our motivations. We offer them humbly, and with the deepest love for America, and for the world.

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