Jeff Bezos Is Just Saying That His Rocket Is Way Bigger Than Elon Musk's Rocket

The Beez is a grower AND a show-er.

It's been awhile since we checked in on the billionaire nerd space race, and that is a crying shame. But thanks to Jeff Bezos, we've got a fun new chapter to share in the ongoing saga of "Jeff and Elon Haz Rockets."


When we last checked in on our tech billionaires turned space invaders, Bezos had trolled Elon Musk by taking to Twitter and letting everyone know that he had done what Elon's SpaceX could not: Land his reusable rocket back on Earth. Musk then responded via Twitter, basically saying "Rocket? Umm, nice plane, clown."

But while landing rockets and debating "What is orbit?" can be fun, we all know what rich nerds with rockets really want to talk about...

Nice one, The Beez.

Sure, you're happy to announce your new rockets because they are so good at going to space and whatnot, but you clearly took pains to make sure that everyone knows your rockets are like way bigger than Elon's. Not that you're trying to shame him or anything, we're sure, it's just that's how they're built.

It's not your fault that Blue Origin rockets are just girthier more high-tech than SpaceX's.

We are patiently monitoring Twitter and waiting for Elon's response...