Ken Moelis Has Prepared Himself For President Trump

One niche icon from the 80's knows another.

You can add Big Kenny Moelis to the list of old-school finance types ready to find their place in a Trumpian America.


Per Bloomberg:

Wall Street veteran Ken Moelis predicted Republican Donald Trump will win the U.S. presidential election, propelled by voters who are eager for a new approach in Washington.
There is a “desperate desire to change,” the chief executive officer of Moelis & Co. said Wednesday at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit. “We haven’t elected a president really since George H.W. Bush based on competency.

But this might go beyond one niche 80's icon giving props to another. Moelis is echoing a theory that many people have offered up. And to top it all of, any guy who worked at Drexel Burnham, DLJ and UBS knows about lack of competency when he sees it. He has unique experience with watching people f@ck up.

“Either one of them can blow it,” Moelis said. “But I’m predicting that Donald Trump will win.”

It's a strong call from Moelis, but you might want to take any thoughts on Republican politics from the guy who hired Eric Cantor with a grain of salt.

Moelis Sees Trump Winning as Voters Favor Change Over Competency [Bloomberg]