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Leon Cooperman Caught Saying Nice Thing About Hillary Clinton On Live Television

The Coop is not enjoying this election, you guys.

Omega Advisors CEO and legendary finance sex symbol Leon Cooperman dropped by CNBC's Halftime Report yesterday to spit diss tracks on Netflix, Citigroup, Apple and what he sees as a fully-valued market in general.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.45.53 PM

But in a real twist from the arch-conservative Cooperman - the same guy who fumed over his unrequited epistolary relationship with President Obama and has politely asked Hillary Clinton to "stop crapping" on him - the Omega Man let himself be drawn into a political conversation and then inexplicably said something borderline positive about Hillary into a hot mic...

When asked by Scott Wapner "Who would be better for the market?" referring to the presidential candidates, Cooperman responded "Hillary, for sure."

In fairness, Cooperman was crystal-clear that he will be voting for neither candidate come November (he will instead likely just write-in "Ronald Nixon" like many of his fellow angry aged party Republicans) but it is still intriguing to watch Cooperman's flinty-eyed capitalism overwhelm his party bias and basically force him into uttering something "nice" about someone that he once tried to spend good money to heckle.

Only 73 more sleeps to Election Day, folks!

Cooperman on Halftime Report [CNBC]



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